Our Programs

Steps to Success

Work-Based Learning Programs

Career Assessments

Step 1

We administer interest inventories to assess students’ interests. Career Assessment results help with accurate class schedules and placements into work-based learning programs (Ex: job observations, co-ops, and internships).

Job Observations

Step 2

Job Observation Program is placements based on the following: • Attendance improvement • Grade improvement • Class Work Ethic

Internships and Co-ops

Step 3

We recruit the businesses and pair them up with the student participants. These are year-long work-based opportunities. Our team will assist with on-site visits and ongoing evaluation…

Community Programs

Career Cruise Events

Career awareness open house program hosted by local businesses

Career Cruise Events are open to high school and college students, parents, educators, and businesses. Attendees are given a tour of the business and hear presentations by employees in each department.

Field Trips

Extended local business classroom

Career Walk sets up visits to local businesses that directly tie into the classroom curriculum.

In-School Programs

Finding the Shoes That Fits

This is a school-wide event where students meet businesses that are looking for employees, have an opportunity to meet trades school and college representatives, and take part in mock interviewing.

We do the footwork for you! This is a three in one event where students learn about job opportunities through a job fair, meet college and trades school representatives to understand their post-high school options, and a mock Interview room where HR representatives from various companies critique students’ resumes and assist with the interview process.

The Shoe Peddlers Club

This is a club that provides a real-life learning experience for those interested in the Marketing field.

The Shoe Peddlers Club is a year-long after-school marketing club. We recruit the students who assist Career Walk with our marketing campaign. Students will create career videos, flyers, handouts, and assist with business presentations, along with fundraising events.

Parent and Student Training

Our team trains students and parents how to use our career exploration web portal.

Our portal contains a career assessment, resume builder, career video library, Informational videos, K-12 portfolios, college links, and a tracking system.

Staff Development Opportunities

We provide presentations to schools centered around career development.

The presentations are targeted to school counselors to implement an effective comprehensive career development program in their school. This is a unique opportunity in that Career Walk will assist with the planning process.