Most high school parents have deep concerns about:

  • Availability of resources and supports after high school
  • Education after high school
  • Employment after high school

Exploration for Better Preparation

Walk the Walk© is a complete and personalized 4-year career exploration program that paves the path forward by providing real-life experience in occupations of choice, decision making on further education, costs, and application processes. This program also provides an aggressive Dropout Prevention Program for at-risk students.

Our Proven Success

As parents, the overwhelming information may exhaust you, this program helps students find the best shoe fit them. Here is what we have for your children:

Skills Building

  • Soft Skill Tutorials
  • Volunteer Opportunities (in the field of choice)
  • Work Ethic
  • Oral Communication Skills
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills

Job Readiness

  • Open Houses (on location – Business Partners)
  • Business Meet and Greet
  • Resume Builder with Critique
  • Job Search (with Local Business Partners)
  • Resume Writing
  • Career Assessments
  • Mock Interviewing
  • Portfolios

More about tailor-made career plans

Doug Shirley Consulting LLC offers comprehensive plans for you, click here to know more

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Gold Plan

What Educators Are Saying

"I have known Doug Shirley for many years having worked closely with him as a Career Development Coordinator. His creative approach to the area of career development is one that keeps abreast of the latest technologies, and at-risk student needs providing them with informative information that guides them to seriously ponder their future options when it comes to educational and career goals.
Robert W.
Career Developmemt Coordinator
Wake County Public Schools
"In the 20 years that I have known Doug Shirley, I have never met any individual with a greater passion to serve and assist students with their career pursuits and growth. He truly has created a unique and powerful career development program that will transform students' lives positively, especially those considered at-risk. Your students will benefit greatly by participating in the Walk the Walk© program."
Jerry S.
Center for advanced Studies Coordinator
Brunswick Community College / Brunswick County Schools, NC
"Walk the Walk© is a wonderful career program that provides necessary hands on training to help students succeed in future careers. Doug introduced this program at my school and it made an immediate impact on my students. Any school system would benefit greatly from participation."
Ricky B.
CTE Instructor (Automotive)
Wake County Public Schools
"Doug Shirley's work with at risk students is innovative and straightforward. There is a "common sense" pragmatism that he ties to unabashed idealism with the thought that "you CAN make a difference in the lives of young people." Doug Shirley's dedication to these core principles throughout his career drives him to want to see all students be successful in their whole life. This comes with the understanding that meaningful career choices are a tremendous aid to lifetime success."
Chris S.
CTE Instructor (Agriculture)
Wayne County Public Schools


How can you help to guide others for this program? There are many opportunities you can enroll. As a volunteer, you can take part in events like the open house.


How can you support our mission? Make contributions! Each amount is a great appreciation for our goals. These amounts help us to reach our mission closer to the summit while encouraging students to keep climbing.